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Neighborhood: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Trendy Hair Salon

8718 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 921-1871

Hours: Mon. - Sun. 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
New hair salon in Bay Ridge; decent prices.

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Had 4 stamped frequent customer cards that added up to 10 visits which entitles you to a free wash and blow. They refused to honor them as they were not on one card. What stinks is that I've been going to them for over a year and this is how they act.

Laura (Lcnapoli)   

07.18.2012 (m/d/y)    Trendy Hair Salon

I went as a walk-in over the summer just hoping to get my hair trimmed before going on vacation, when I saw how cheap their nail services were I decided to go for a mani-pedi too. Everything turned out great, so the next time I wanted a mani-pedi for a wedding about a month later, I went back, and again, all good!

Clare (clarebear627)   

05.07.2012 (m/d/y)    Trendy Hair Salon

hihihi. worst haircut ever! and i'm not being prejudice but really, now i know not to go to a purple haired chinese for cut and color. n cheap will never get you any good. so i'll stick to my higher end English speaking, classy manhattan salon...

tammy (tammy1)   

10.22.2009 (m/d/y)    Trendy Hair Salon



09.19.2008 (m/d/y)    Trendy Hair Salon

After taking a pair of scissors to my own hair-a BIG no no-I saw Lisa on a snowy morning and in one hour I had a GREAT cut/blow out. I have thick, frizzy, burnt-out hair from Jap. straightening (plus I color) and it looks like silk now. CHEAP enuf to get a weekly blowout! Go early, go during the week:-)

Andrea (javameow)   

01.06.2008 (m/d/y)    Trendy Hair Salon

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