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Neighborhood: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Gino’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

7414 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY
(718) 748-1698

Gino's is a famous pizzeria in Bay Ridge.


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oNCE AGAIN I am writing about the best Italian restaurant in Brooklyn, my family and I have been patrons of Gino;s for many years. The restaurant is immaculate, food is excellent, nothing negative about this family owned place. We have tried other places in Bay Ridge, but Gino's is by far the best!!!!!!

carol (joiamom44)   

05.07.2011 (m/d/y)    Gino’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

Gino\'s by far is the best Italian restaurant in Brooklyn. Being Italian, I am very fussy about eating in Italian restaurants, but Gino\'s is just as good as home cooking. The prices is right and the restaurant is immaculate!!!!!

carol odonnell (joiamom44)   

06.10.2008 (m/d/y)    Gino’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

TREMENDOUS PIZZA... I hear hes got a pizza truck down town now. Its incredible.

Frankie (Frankie)   

10.03.2007 (m/d/y)    Gino’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

Its the best italian restaurant in NYC. Its clean, the waiters are friendly and most important their food is GREAT!! You should try their grilled chicken caasar salad....

Linda (Lsarsour)   

08.23.2007 (m/d/y)    Gino’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

Love Love Love the food! Amazing calamari!!

Marylu (Mar2334)   

05.15.2007 (m/d/y)    Gino’s Restaurant and Pizzeria

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